By Cathy Doyle

The North Jefferson News

Happy birthday to: Caleb White on Jan. 27; Trayce Glass and Adam Smith on Jan. 28; Mary Ann Doss and Lance Mc-Combs on Jan. 29; my Aunt Lula Patton, Tim Reid and Bradly White on Feb. 1; and Kyndal Overby on Feb. 2. I hope they are all great.

• Women Alive with Mavis Lawson will be at the Warrior Community Center on Feb. 7 starting at 7 p.m. All women are welcome. Come out and be blessed.

• Happy anniversary to a very special couple, Price and Jackie Bennett on Feb. 1.

• Trafford Church of God winter camp meeting will start on Feb. 10 and go through Feb. 15. Rev. John Ritcheson will be the guest speaker. Come out and be with us.

• Trafford Baptist Church has a new sign. One of my hobbies is reading church signs. I am enjoying your sign very much. I used to put the sign up at Warrior Assembly years ago. Pastor, I appreciate you getting out there and putting those signs up. Hats off to you.

• Have a great week and stay warm.

Cathy Doyle is The North Jefferson News correspondent for the Trafford community. She can be reached at 647–1828.

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