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North Jefferson Middle School recently announced its students and teacher for the month for January. Sixth-graders nominated were Abigail Harris, Annie Nguyen, Sarah Rickles, Ryan Tucker and Kerri Weldy. The sixth-grade student of the month is Abby Granade. Seventh-graders nominated for student of the month were Isaiah Crawford, Artisha Hand, Kelsey Nail, and Kristen Putnam. Seventh-grade student of the month is Brandy Gaither. Eighth-graders nominated for student of the month were Andy Herron, Chandlar Mims, Rachel Rusk and Zachary Stone. Eighth-grade student of the month is Riley Billitz. Teacher of the month is Brian Wilson. Congratulations!

• Mortimer Jordan High School is hosting a “Bunko Night” in the school lunchroom on Jan. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the school for $10. For more info, you can contact Cindy Sanford at 590-6275.

•Mortimer Jordan wrestling placed third in a county tournament that was held at Oak Grove. Brandon Brindley tied with Matt King of Hueytown as the tournament’s most

valuable wrestler. Others who won matches were Matt Barnett, James Stewart, Brandon Brindley and Zach Payne.

Lisa Barnwell is The North Jefferson News correspondent for the Kimberly and Morris communities. She can be reached at 647-2912, 903-5602 or email

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