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My grandson, Zach Gross, will be leaving June 3 for army basic training. I am very proud of you, Zach; I love you and I’m praying for you.

• Happy birthday to a special friend, Jackie Bennett on May 25.

• Friendship is the marriage of the soul.

• Happy birthday to Judy Hodge on May 19.

• “They are joined fast to one another, they cling together and cannot be parted.” — Job 41:17

• In general, there are two kinds of people who make mistakes: those who won’t admit them, and those who call them experience.

• Mavis Lawson will be speaking at The Warrior Community center on June 12.

• Happy anniversary to Cody and Crystal Reid on May 22 and happy birthday to Crystal on May 24.

• I thank God for the rain, we sure have needed it. He knows what we have need of.

• Have a blessed week and if you have any news please let me know.

Cathy Doyle is The North Jefferson News correspondent for the Trafford community. She can be reached at 647–1828.

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