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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas

• Happy birthday to three of my co-workers on Dec. 28: Rachal Banks, Jerri Metcalf, and Laurel Boehm.

• When God is about to reposition your life, know that the devil will begin to attack. Remember, it is darkest right before the dawn; but the dawn will come.

• Happy birthday to: Wilma Nichols, Wendy Lowe and Joyce Tyler on Dec. 29; Thomas White and Ellen Wilson on Dec. 30; and Brooke Sherrell and Randy Glass on Dec. 31.

• Happy anniversary to my dad and mother, Ray and Opal Wakeland on Dec.31. I hope it is great.

• Warrior "I" Church of God will be hosting their annual Watch Night Service on Dec. 31 at 7 p.m. to after midnight. Supper will be around 10 p.m. Come out and enjoy a wonderful time in the Lord and pray in the new year.

• Have a wonderful week and if you have any news please let me know.

Cathy Doyle is The North Jefferson News correspondent for the Trafford community. She can be reached at 647–1828.

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