The North Jefferson Women’s Center served 1,650 clients between July of 2017 and June 2018. The clients received services that ranged from material goods, free medical services and counseling.

This included $40,000 in material assistance and $360,000 in free medical services given. This resulted in 131 babies saved.

The center’s main function is counseling women who have found themselves in an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

“If you’ve found yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and are not sure where to turn for help, you have come to the right place,” the center’s website said. “Our center offers peer counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options, including surgical abortions, medical abortion (RU486/ the abortion pill) and the Morning After Pill.”

The center does not perform abortions, but does offer support for those who have previously had an abortion or for anyone considering an abortion.

“We are committed to providing you with free and confidential services and accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, and related concerns,” the website said. “We also would like to provide you with information about STD testing for you or your partner.”

Piper DiPiazza and Elsa Ray are in the eighth grade at Our Lady of Sorrows and recently volunteered to help out at the center.

“I felt it was good to volunteer at NJWC because: by helping the people that work at the center I am making it easier for them to focus on the women that come there and need help to find out what is best for them,” DiPiazza said. “The NJWC service project helped me to see Christ in other people in a new way: That people struggle to see what the best thing to do is through Christ and they just need an extra hand.”

The center also offers STD testing for both men and women for the three most commonly reported STDs: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, as well as HIV.

The types of volunteers needed are:

Mommy Money Mentor

Aid clients in Mommy Money Programs with finding information relative to their situations and “shopping” for infant items in our “Sugar Shoppe.” Involves about 3 hours of service a week,

Peer Counselor

Provide options-counseling for women who are facing crisis pregnancies. Share the Gospel and teach abstinence and character education to people facing sexual pressure. Involves about three hours of volunteer service a week.


Serve by answering phones, greeting clients and ministering to those in the waiting room. Involves about three hours of volunteer service a week.

Prayer Support

Pray for counselors, clients and staff.

Medical Volunteer

Nurses and/or physicians can volunteer to provide ultrasound services and/or STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing and treatment.

Financial Supporter

Contribute monies to support the ongoing work of the North Jefferson Women’s Center.

In-Kind Donor

Donate infant (newborn-age 2) items to the NJWC for clients to “purchase” with earned Mommy Money, particularly diapers and wipes and large items, especially baby beds/bassinets. (Please note: Due to liability, we cannot distribute used car seats or drop-side cribs.)


Coordinate activities (fundraising, education and awareness) between the North Jefferson Women’s Center and your church or organization.

Clothes Closet Coordinator

Organize clothes closet and coordinate transition of seasonal items. Help organize Mommy Money store.

For more information about the North Jefferson Women’s Center or becoming a volunteer, please contact them at

The center can be reached at 205.808.9001 or visit in person at 1209 Decatur Highway, Fultondale, AL 35068.

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