Mortimer Jordan centennial

Mortimer Jordan High School was founded in 1920 and celebrated its first two graduates in 1921. Following its founding, Mortimer Jordan celebrated 91 graduating classes in its original location, and this year will mark the ninth graduating class at the new school.

The school is planning many activities throughout the year to celebrate the anniversary of it’s founding, including reunions for each sport, band and choir. For a full list of activities, visit for announcements and calendar updates.

To commemorate the century of Mortimer Jordan, the school is also selling t-shirts and commemorative coins honoring the military service of the school’s namesake, Captain Mortimer Jordan. A Centennial Walk is also being constructed at the school and personalized bricks will be available for sale to the public at a later date. An announcement about purchase details will be released at the website listed above, on the school’s Facebook page and in The North Jefferson News when it is available.

Captain Mortimer Jordan’s grandson, Mortimer Jordan V, has also commissioned a marble relief statues of his grandfather to be placed near the Centennial Walk.

The school is also accepting memorabilia donations to be displayed at the school. There has already been a donation of a 1922 framed diploma and the school’s first yearbook from 1947. These items, along with yearbooks from 1947 to the present, will be on display at the school.

The Blue Centennial Celebration will conclude on May 28, 2020 at the graduation ceremony, where past graduating classes will also be honored.

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