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Local poet Tyler Adams has published his long-awaited third book of poetry, which he calls “my heart on paper.”

His first two books of poetry, written under a pen name in 2003 and 2004, were a learning process.

Adams said, although this was his third book, it’s the one he is most proud of and will likely be his last book of poetry, although he may look for other writing opportunities in the future.

The exhausting, emotional process has taken a toll. The process of writing this book has exhausted Adams, he said, but he still believes it was important to get it on paper to help himself and others who might be facing a difficult time in their lives.

After a particularly challenging few years, Adams said he learned that he had to lean on his faith.

“You get to a lowest point and realize that’s all you can do,” Adams said. “That’s what I’ve tried to do—just put my life in God’s hands.”

Adams said he hopes the book helps someone out there, because he believed

that people often feel alone in their struggle or grief and he wanted those people to know they weren’t alone.

“I’d love to sell a million copies, who wouldn’t?” he said, with a laugh. “But to know it helps somebody in their life, that’s more important that selling copies. I want to help others—maybe it’ll put a smile on their face, maybe it’ll bring them closer to God.”

Adams said he was grateful to all those who have helped and encouraged him, but especially his graphic designer and editor.

Although the entire book is special and personal to him, Adams said this is one of his favorites:

A Strong Family

A strong family can be described as the love of cherished relatives and friends,

They are the people who will care deeply for us until our lives shall end.

The strength of a strong family is built on love for the Father above.

He is the foundation in which our lives are based through His wonderful love.

Each day we carry our families’ love, honor, and courage within the depths of our hearts, For no matter how discouraging times can be, their love, care, and strength will never part.

A strong family will stand by us, stand behind us, and comfort us in times of grief and strife, They are our strength spiritually, emotionally, physically... worth more than any treasure in life.

A strong family will give every ounce of their beings to see a smile upon our faces,

A strong family will help guide each other to Heaven... helping to win life’s race.

A strong family encourages each other to show love and be a great example for others to see, An example of strength, humility, and respect through love...for that is what has been shown to me.

By faith, a strong family will look to the Father for wisdom and guidance through His love, And follow His direction with understanding of our hope eternally of Heaven above.

The book, Soul & Spirit is available for sale on in paperback and digital forms. The book is $11.99 for a paperback and $3.49 for the digital version on Kindle. Some of the poems from the book will appear in future issues of The North Jefferson News over the next few weeks.

Rachel Davis is the editor and general manager of The North Jefferson News. She can be reached at or by calling 205.631.8716. 

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