William Matson and Floyd Clown

The Gardendale Library held an event last week, featuring author William Matson and Floyd Clown, who is a direct descendant of legendary Native American Crazy Horse. 

The Gardendale Library hosted an afternoon with author William Matson and Floyd Clown, who is a direct descendant of legendary Native American Crazy Horse.

Mason has written a book, Crazy Horse, The Lakota Warrior’s Life & Legacy, which he signed at the event.

Mason discussed his path to the Lakota tribe in the wake of his father’s death and how he undertook the subject of the tribe’s most famous member. He outlined his approach to tribe members and how he immersed himself in their culture to prepare to write the book honoring their traditions, customs and way of life. The book took years to research, a year to write and another six months to edit.

“The history of this country started long before Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson and all those people,” Matson said. “I learned [the Lakota] know their genealogy better than anyone I’ve ever met.

The library purchased a copy of the book, which is available for library patrons to borrow.

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