Birmingham was just ranked the nation’s least heart friendly city for women in the American Heart Association’s new study. This announcement truly shocked me and really got me thinking about my own current heart health.

As I’m approaching my senior year in college, I’m thinking more about my future every day. Things like where will I work and live. After hearing the unfortunate news about the city I live in, I’m reminded I need also to think about the future of my heart. With heart disease standing as the number one killer of women nationwide, the risk is high. I need to do everything I can now in order to keep my heart healthy for the future.

There’s no better time than summer to be outside, so let’s take advantage of the beautiful weather. I am challenging myself and all the women of Birmingham to get outside and take a walk every day. Not only is daily exercise good for your heart, it can also be a great way to wind down after a long day at work or the perfect time to catch up with friends. Daily exercise is just one way to keep your heart healthy. For more ideas, visit Let’s combat our city’s poor ranking by making an honest effort to improve the health of our hearts.

Lindsey Vaughn


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