This letter is written to thank the Blount County Community Arts Council for their sponsoring storyteller Dolores Hydock in Oneonta.

My wife and I had heard her at Hayden High School approximately three years ago and when we learned she would be in Oneonta, we were determined to go hear her again.

The first time we heard her, she told the story, “Footprint on the Sky: Memories of a Chandler Mountain Spring.” In Oneonta, we heard her story, “Made from Scratch.” Both these stories were great and laced throughout with great humor and brought back some fond memories of our own lives.

Last week she was in Birmingham, and we decided to go hear her again. The name of her story was “The Faces of Jesus.” This story was one of the most moving and touching stories I have ever heard.

The way she told it, you could visualize in your mind’s eye Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. It was the most powerful story I have ever heard anyone tell.

If anyone has the opportunity, I highly recommend going to hear any of her stories. If you hear “The Faces of Jesus,” I feel you would agree it is very powerful.

Charles J. Shipp


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