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October 31, 2011

Corner High School students give their take on 'Entertainment Tonight'


CORNER — By Tylor Cicero

Having a good relationship with your family is a great thing to help one grow as a person.  No matter what kind of home or financial class you come from as long as you have family you have the potential to become a successful person.

I don’t have a great family.  My mom is not careful and I haven’t seen my dad since I was probably two years old, but I have my uncle.  We understand each other and he acts like he’s my age so it’s easy to get along.  He encourages me to go for what I want to do almost every day, as long as he can tag along if I become any kind of scientist.  He really hopes I become a marine biologist so he can ride on the boat and fish the entire time.  Without him I’d be nowhere in life and wouldn’t succeed at anything.

By Hollie Walker

A way of making your family better and stronger is by sitting down with them at the dinner table, talking about how your day went and just taking time throughout the day talking to them.  When the children talk to their parents make sure they don’t have their cell phone with them.  Cell phones have become a major problem with family communication; a way of making that better is by putting it away and sitting their talking together.

By Matthew Box

Being with family is important.  When you’re with family you get closer together.  When you eat with your family you need to turn the TV off.  Also if you listen to your family you will know more about them.  This is why being with family is important.

By Marcus Kilgore

Today in our society, our families are falling apart, mainly because our families are not spending time together.  The reason for that is because everything is so fast paced.  So parents and kids, I suggest that all of you try to spend time with your family.  Be a strong family, be a loving family; just be all you can be.

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