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October 31, 2011

Corner High School students give their take on 'Entertainment Tonight'


CORNER — By Makenzie Armstrong

It is important to be close to your family because when families spend a lot of time together and tell each other everything then they will always know that they can trust one another.  The most important thing that can keep families close is Jesus Christ.  If every family would start relying on God instead of themselves then there wouldn’t be as many divorced and broken families in this world.  Teenagers have more trouble than anybody when it comes to honoring their parents, because they think of themselves only and think it is cool to rebel.  If parents wouldn’t bend the rules and kids wouldn’t break them, then families would be closer.  All it takes is faith in God and respect in one another.

By Janna Hayes

Family time is important because some people don’t know very much about their family.  I believe that the best way to spend your family time is to just sit down together and talk with the T.V. off.  Another way you can achieve this is by going on vacation together.

By Sheyenne Boland

To me the importance of family time together means the world.  If you don’t have family time, your family can separate and then you’ll have no one to depend on.

By Brian Lichtenauer

Family time is an important quality every family should possess.  There are many reasons for this statement.  Family time builds relationships and you could have a good time with your family.  The term family time does not mean every one sits and talked.  You could do all sorts of activities.  You could exercise, go somewhere, or build a fire and talk.  All families do not socialize with each other as much as they should.  Technology is at its best right now and families are torn apart by it.  By texting, Facebook and all the game systems families grow apart from each other.  AS children we need to build relationships with our families so when we go into the real world we always have someone there for us.

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