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October 31, 2011

Corner High School students give their take on 'Entertainment Tonight'


CORNER — By Kaeli Huddleston

The connection in a family makes them strong.  If your family isn’t strong or not as strong as you want it, you can spend more time together by throwing parties, or doing stuff together to keep close. Having a strong family lets each and every person in the family know you love and care for them.

By Montana Pounders

I think family time is important because you can work on your speaking skills and you can do many other things.  Family time can help you talk about your feelings; also you can get closer to your family.  The ways you can do this is eating dinner, cooking, or even sitting down and just talking.  You can do this about anywhere you go.  This is why I feel families need to spend more time together.

By Avery Cunningham

It is important to spend time with your family so you create a better relationship.  When you’re close with your family, it creates better trust and a loving environment.

By Joshua Parvin

Families now days are facing 50% + divorce and when divorce happens it tears the family apart.  When families spend time together it strengths them.  If more families spend time together there would be less divorce.  Families can spend time together y camping or any other interest they have in common or fun things they like to do.

By Ashlie Huff

What makes family strong is the connection they have and how they communicate with each other.  I think that having a strong bond with each other is important because it show each other that you care about one another.  

By Gracie Faulkner

There are 3 things I think families need to be strong.  You need love because your family is your back up plan when no one else loves you.  You also need trust.  I mean – you live with them.  You should trust them.  You also need support.  A family should always tell you “good job” and “work harder” (etc.) you need your family.

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