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October 31, 2011

Corner High School students give their take on 'Entertainment Tonight'


CORNER — By Abby Boyd

Spending time with your families is very important.  It strengthens the relationships in the family and makes them closer.  Families can do this by talking with each other, eating meals together and much more.

By David Senft

Do you spend time with your family?  You should because it might cause some bad things to happen.  Like kids doing drugs because they are alone.  Here are some ways to spend time with your family – have a dinner, talk about what happened that day.  Just spend time with your family.

By Alex Pickel

Spending time with your family is important because it brings you closer to them and helps have a better relationship with them.  It’s good to be close to your family so you can talk to them and trust them.  When it’s easy to talk to them about things and trust them, you have a good relationship with them.  Spending time with your family brings you closer together and doesn’t cause problems.  When you spend time with them it doesn’t cause as much conflict with them. These are reasons spending time with your family is important.

By Samantha Pinion

Family time is important because your family will always support you even when your friends don’t.  If you don’t spend time with your family, you should talk to them about setting up a day when all of you could have dinner together or have a game night.  In all, family time is important for all kids to have, so get your family together soon and come up with something fun to do.

By Jacob Koss

Family is very important to have.  They give us some one that we can trust with anything and go to for any problems.  Families go through ups and downs together. But always remain one.  My family is the people that always prevent me from bad situation and push me to achieve my best.  I try to stay positive with my family and help them as they help me.

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