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October 31, 2011

Corner High School students give their take on 'Entertainment Tonight'

CORNER — Corner High School students in Sue Ann McKnight’s Family and Consumer Science classes wrote articles for an “Entertainment Tonight” class project. One article is printed here, the rest can be read at under the “web only” tab.

Chloe Reed

In today’s world, many families either have no time for each other or they don’t get along.  I’ll admit I’m part of one of those families.  However, I do try to play a bigger role in my family and make more time because I understand the value of family time.

Whether it’s a family dinner or a fun vacation, family time is crucial.  Social activities with your family can strengthen bonds and build a strong support system.  The saying "family is forever “is a literal term and that’s why these things are important.  Throughout your life, you’ll likely need support from your family and will depend on those close bonds at times.  Without a family bond and a strong support system, life will be harder more likely and you’ll be lost.

There are many ways to achieve strong family bonds and a strong support system.  Have a family dinner once a week or more, go on family vacations. Or maybe just sit down and talk for a while sometimes.  Whatever you and your family decide to do together, it will help in the long run.  Take action and help change the world, starting inside your own family.

By Mercedes Thomas

How much time do families spend together?  This may vary with different types of families.  The most often type of family is a single parent family.  Another common typed of family is a nuclear family, having both mother and father along with their children.  All families will become stronger with more family time.

Sharing feelings with family members is an example of how you and your family may become closer.  This will help you share advice to help your family.  You need to build deeper relationships with each family member in your home.  All members of the family need to feel as if they belong.  They need to know they have people who understand them and who can be helpful.  

More family time will instill a sense of trust within the family members.  They will know that they never have to be alone.  By spending more time as a family, your family will learn to stay and stick together through everything.  Whether you attend sporting events, church, or even just watch a movie as a family, they will feel as if their worth something.  Respect, love and cherish each moment spent with your family.  Your love for one another should be endless and the memories, priceless

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