By Charles Prince

The North Jefferson News

• Name: Brandon Painter

• School: Gardendale

• Class: Senior

• Sports: Wrestling, 140-pound division.

• What are your fondest memories since you started high school? When our team finished second at the state tournament last spring.

• What is your favorite subject in school? Language, because it comes easy for me.

• Do you plan on attending college? Yes. I’d like to attend either Shelton State or Alabama and study education, so I can become a high school wrestling coach some day.

• Which of your teammates is the loudest? DeRon Washington.

• Which of your teammates is the team cutup? That would be me.

• What breed of pet do you own and what is it’s name? None.

• Alabama or Auburn? Alabama, all the way. “Roll Tide.”

• Name some of your favorite songs. “ThunderStruck,” by AC/DC, “Miss American Pie,” by Don McClean and “Better Together,” by Jack Johnson.

• What are your goals for this school year, first in the classroom and second, in sports? In the classroom, to keep my grades up and keep my GPA at 3.0 or rise it. I’d also like to improve my ACT score of 18. In sports, I want to personally go unbeaten this season and win the 5A state 140-pound title.

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