North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

June 10, 2009

Former business owner has passion for cooking, flowers

By Margie Holloway

Special to The North Jefferson News

Some of you probably remember the smiling face of Mrs. Nell Cornelius McAnally.

She once owned Pauline’s Sportswear in Gardendale, and she lived on Echols Road in Gardendale.

She has been married to Mike McAnally for 32 years. Mike is a chaplain for Hospice and the prison systems. She has one daughter, Jane Cornelius Salyer, and two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I had the pleasure of meeting Jane and her husband, Jeff Salyer, Sr., the day of our interview.

When I met this nice, beautiful lady, she was easy to talk to and brimming with life. She has beautiful blue eyes and on this day, they seemed to be dancing with the joy of being with her daughter.

I asked her what she liked most about Gardendale and her response said it all when she called it “the garden spot of the world.”

This lady loves beauty and is an avid gardener. At one time, she had a huge garden with vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. She obviously has a green thumb and knows all about growing and keeping the land alive with beauty.

Two of her favorite hobbies are gardening and cooking. Her favorite food is southern cuisine, and she especially loves fried vegetables. She also has a soft spot for beautiful hymns and keeping her great-grandchild two times a week. Her grandchildren are very special to her.

Mrs. Nell Cornelius McAnally is a true southern lady with a true southern heart, as is her daughter. Very genteel, courteous, knowledgeable and fun, they make a great team.

It was a pleasure meeting Mrs. McAnally and I hope to run into her again soon.