North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

May 20, 2009

Patsy Duncan a woman of many talents, many stories

By Margie Holloway

Special to The North Jefferson News

Patsy Moncrief Duncan —that name alone says a lot.

Patsy is a homesteader, living on property that has been in her family history before she was born and dates back to the 1800s. While sharing her history with me, she vividly described how the days were, and I felt as if I were turning pages of a book with colorful pictures.

Patsy attends Mount Olive First Baptist Church. She has two sons and two grandsons. She loves to cook her favorite types of food, home-style.

Shopping in Gardendale, going to the library and using her talent of oil painting are just part of what keeps this lady on the move. She also plays guitar and sometimes sings on Thursday nights at the Senior Center. She broke out in a short rendition of “Crazy” for me by another quite beautiful lady we all know as “Patsy” Cline. I must say she has a beautiful voice. Not to stop here, she is also taking banjo lessons from the talented Glenn Tolbert.

She has a passion for lost art, like sewing, and baking. When talking about such things, her eyes just light up. You know she loves life.

Did you know that Snow Rogers Elementary School used to be named Frog Pond? I did not. Patsy’s grandmother and grandfather attended Frog Pond, followed by her father when it eventually became Snow Rogers.

Patsy shared some very fond memories with me, some of which I want to share. When she was a child, she and her friends played under Highway 31, near Nations Springs. As a child, she remembers seeing churches having Bible schools, and watched Aunts wash clothes there. Every now and then, a covered wagon would trail through. This was a very sweet memory of her childhood.

She got married on Valentine’s Day in 1960. How fitting for this colorful lady. That day, there was six inches of snow on the ground, and she walked from her home to her own wedding wondering what and who was going to be there. When she arrived, the church was full of friends and family and warmth from overflowing love. Can’t you just see this image? I can and would have loved to have been there.

Here’s a funny little tale about Patsy: She made a red dress to wear for the Christmas parade and all the children thought she was Mrs. Claus. She was handed many lists to give Santa that night. This was a surprise to her, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

Yes, this lady enjoys life that God has given her and she makes the most of it. I hope to run in to her again one day and just ask her to start talking. I will take it all in and leave with a much lighter heart and happier outlook on what life can be.