North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

May 13, 2009

Gardendale resident a former freelance photographer for NJN

By Margie Holloway

Special to The North Jefferson News

I met Dennis Gamble, who lives in north Gardendale, at last month’s Magnolia Festival.

He was seemingly distracted not by something, but a wandering mind. You see, he loves to go on mission trips and one had just left that day for Nicaragua, and he wanted to be going along. However, duty calls and this was his day for the festival.

He was very nice to give me a brief interview.

As many of you know, Gamble has a wife named Denise, and five sons. He said half his family was at the festival and half at the A-Day game in Tuscaloosa that day.

Dennis owns Gamble Bedliners, which I did not know. His very favorite place to be is at home.

He has a lot of friends and most of them all grew up together. He is such a likeable person he knows just about everybody. He graduated from Gardendale High School, and enjoys watching the new school go up and is proud to have graduated from the old school.

He and Denise attend Gardendale First Baptist Church. I was interested in knowing something a little more personal about Dennis. I asked him about his favorite hymn, which he said is “Standing on the Promises,” though he said he couldn’t sing any of the music notes.

This is a great old hymn, and we can all sing it. It says a lot about a person who loves it.

As I was just about to get his picture, he gave me the most interesting piece of information about himself yet. He used to freelance, like me, as a North Jefferson News photographer while in school. He worked for Gary Gamble (no relation).

I was rather excited about that, since I am just beginning. This is one article that may be short, but means a lot to me.