North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

February 10, 2009

Person You Should Know — Sue Odom

Sue Odom of Warrior is a regular at the Morris Senior Center. She will soon get married to a man she’s known since first grade.

• I hear you’re getting married soon. Is that true?

I’m getting married to Jack Jolly. We went to the same school together from first grade to twelfth grade — Warrior High School. We were third-grade sweethearts. After third grade, he snubbed me.

• How did you get back in touch?

He married and had a family, and I married and had a family. His wife passed away four years ago and my husband died 12 years ago. Warrior High School has a reunion every year in April. We saw each other there every year, but he never spoke to me until last year.

• When are you getting married?

Sometime within the next month. We’re not telling anybody here (at the senior center) when it is because they will all crash in. We want to keep it small, with just our families.

[Morris Senior Center director Eloise Blankenship confirmed that she and the seniors would indeed crash the wedding if they knew when and where it was taking place.]

• How long have you been coming to the senior center?

I’ve been coming here since 1989. He (Jack) has been coming here for six or seven months.

• Where will you two live after you’re married?

I live in Warrior and he lives in Center Point. We’ll live in my place, at least for awhile.

• Where did the two of you work before you retired?

I retired from the federal government. I worked for the Social Security Administration from 1961 to 1987. Jack retired from U.S. Steel.