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July 12, 2013

Danielle Cater: Your actions speak louder than words

COMMENTARY — It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that matters. Talk is cheap, action brings satisfaction. In a world full of chatter and talk, it’s what you end up doing that really tells others what’s inside of you.

This can pertain to anything in life, from telling your kids that you’re going to read them a bedtime story and forgetting, to agreeing to take on some extra office duties at work and not doing it. Our actions speak much louder than our words.

When you don’t back up your words with your actions, that pretty much makes you a liar.

I am the chief of sinners when it comes to this form of lying. I can’t count how many times I have told my daughters that I would spank them if I had to tell them to do something one more time. Then I tell them again. Then I warn them in my “momma voice.” Then I start talking through my angry, clinched teeth. Then I might actually follow through with the warning, but those four extra warnings make me a liar. I told them something I was going to do and didn’t follow through with it.

Being an adult doesn’t excuse us from following through on the things we promise. Some people have a bad character flaw that enables them to promise the world to everyone, and follow through on none of it. It makes people feel really good when you say you’ll do something they ask you to do, but when you don’t follow through with the actions, those good feelings quickly fade away.

Anyone can sit around and promise to take out the garbage once a week, but when Thursday rolls around and the milk carton is peeking out of the top of the can and you’re running late for class, it’s much harder to put that promise into action.

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