North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

January 22, 2014

Danielle Cater: Find excitement in the boring days

Danielle Cater: Find excitement in the boring days

By Danielle Cater
North Jefferson News

AN NJN EDITORIAL — Many people got to take a vacation day this past Monday for MLK Day. What this day stands for is a great cause and an issue that should be addressed, but for many people, it was just another holiday.

Our office is like most other offices, so we were open to the public Monday. But since schools and daycares were closed, I got the privilege of staying home with the four best daughters in the world. We started off the day with the attitude of fun.

We were suppose to sleep in, but 5- and 7-year olds don’t have a great grasp on the concept of time and as soon as 6 a.m. dawned, their little eyes were popped open and they were ready to start the day.

We had already declared that Monday would be a pajama day. Our girls love to wear their PJs and it sure makes the laundry seem easier.

Daddy went to the store to get some lumber and materials for a deck he is working on, so we girls decided we needed a huge breakfast to start the day off right.

Each girl ate much more than I ever thought was humanly possible, including our oldest daughter shoveling in four full-sized biscuits along with bacon, eggs and gravy. When the food was gone and the dishes were done, it was time to move on to more interesting things.

The girls got lots of toys and games for Christmas, so they would rather stay home and play with their toys than just about anything else in this world. The only problem with four girls playing with toys and games is that fights will break out... not just here and there, but everywhere. Our girls are like any other sisters. They fight, love, kiss, hit, cry, laugh and sing together. So after a while of playing pop-up games and coloring, we needed some more “out of the ordinary” play time. So I went through my handy-dandy “catch all” closet and found a few cans of spray-in hair color from Halloween.

I made all the girls come into the living room and pulled up their hair in the most ridiculous ways I could imagine. There were over six ponytails in each girl’s hair (except our youngest because she was in quite the bad mood; she only got one on the tip top of her head) and there was plenty of teasing and stretching to make them look all the more ridiculous.

After we had all of our hair just like we wanted it, we made our way to the front porch in order to spray them blue and sparkly all over. The girls were laughing at each other and laughing at themselves. It was a really great time. Then I looked at them and declared, in the most serious face I could come up with, “Now go upstairs and do your make up. Don’t come back in here until you look like a clown!” They all giggled and ran to their most favorite past time area.... their make up stations.

In about 15 minutes my kitchen was full of blue, sparkle hair and made-up girls sporting the brightest red lipstick and the darkest blue eye shadow you have ever seen.

When daddy got back home, he realized that he needed some other things from the store so he made the executive decision to take the girls to Walmart. Since we had decided to make it a PJ day, it was against the rules for anyone to put on decent clothes... not cool for the momma who was in sweat pants and an over-sized sweat shirt. So there we were, daddy dressed like a regular Saturday afternoon with his jeans and shirt, but the rest of our clan looked like the weirdest people you’d ever seen. I had no make up and my sweats on and the girls were sporting their blue hair, make up, pajamas and boots. We are still waiting to see if we made it to

While we were waiting in line, a lady walked by and said, “Awe, ya’ll must have had a fun slumber party.” We just laughed and said, “No ma’am, it’s just a typical Monday off work for us.” I’m sure people don’t know what to think of our weird family, but I can tell you that no matter what happens, we are going to try to have fun with our baby girls.

After we made our appearances in public we made our way back home to have a picnic in the front yard and then to bath time to get some of the dye out of their hair and down the drain. The girls even had a fun time in their “blue baths.”

You have opportunities all around you, all the time. Our main problem is that we fail to recognize all of the possibilities within the opportunities that are given to us. We could have had a typical day on Monday. We could have slept in and done house work while the kids played in their room, but we wanted to make some lasting memories with the girls. No, they probably will never remember Monday as anything more than another day at the house, but we made some new memories for us to cherish throughout our lives.

Find joy in the little things and put in the extra effort to make your boring days more memorable. Spending the day with someone you love is a great way to make sure it’s something special.