North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

August 22, 2012

Danielle Pelkey: Leave a lasting legacy for your family

By Danielle Pelkey
North Jefferson News

COMMENTARY — In a world where few people stand behind their real convictions and beliefs, I think it’s notable when a man has lived his whole life to put forth his beliefs and live them out every day.  The man I am speaking of is C.J. Shaver. This name probably means nothing to you, but to those who know him, it brings up a sense of awe. C.J. is my granddaddy and celebrated his 75th birthday this past week.

He is truly one of the most tender-hearted and authentic people you will ever meet. I’ve never spoken with a person who was more sincere about his faith, family and love than this man.

He’s never met a stranger and he doesn’t have enemies. He’s lived his whole life by the Bible and it shows in every aspect of his being.

Families today need a man to step up and be the father that they were intended to be. Too many of today’s families don’t have any father figures in them at all. They care nothing about leaving a legacy or a lasting heritage. Many modern-day men are more concerned with their own lives to sow into the lives of their families, and that is a tragedy that needs to be remedied. C.J. remedied that for his family by being the husband, daddy and granddaddy who would take care of his family at all cost and love them unconditionally.

I can tell you that I am not always the easiest person to love, but this man has loved me through every hardship of my life. If I ever needed a hug that was so strong it felt like it was breaking me in two, then granddaddy was the man for the job.

When I say that he lives his life according to the Bible, it is absolute truth. This man loves in a way that only God could grant. Even at his birthday party, he teared up when he blew out his candles and began to talk about his salvation experience at the age of 12. That commitment changed his live forever and in turn, changed the course of his future children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s lives. There is nothing more valueable or precious that you can give your family than a true testimony of your faith for them to pass down.

As I write this column, I wonder what kind of legacy I am leaving for my children. What are you leaving for yours? Will they grasp for nice things to say about you one day when you are gone? Will they struggle to make your name a good name in the community and with your family? Or will they say with boldness and pride the same things I am saying about my granddaddy today? 

He is the finest example of a good, godly man that I have ever met and I thank God for placing him in our family. Leave a good name for your family, they will appreciate it and follow in your steps.