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June 13, 2012

Our Views: Speak out about new superintendent

North Jefferson News

NORTH JEFFERSON — Today, you can have your say in who will be the next Jefferson County Schools superintendent.

Gardendale High School will play host to five meetings so officials can gather input about the next superintendent, as current superintendent, Dr. Phil Hammonds, is retiring.

In any organization, the person at the top sets the tone for the organization’s attitude, work ethic and overall approach to getting the job done. Hammonds has done an excellent job in setting a positive tone for Jefferson County’s 52 schools and the central office.

Have there been problems? Of course. But Hammonds has handled them with patience and with as much fairness as possible. His number one priority has always seemed to be students, and he has served them well.

Some parents may not think so, and that would likely be because their child received the short end of the stick at school, in mom or dad’s opinion. And that may be true, but a superintendent’s scope is the overall operation of a school system and not day-to-day issues that arise within each school.

But now is your chance to speak out on Hammonds’ successor. Speak out. Be proactive. Even if you do not have children in school, schools are a huge part of our community and we all have a stake in education and in our children.

See Page 2 for a list of meeting times and show up for one of them.

Let your voice be heard today in the next choice of who will oversee the thousands of students, faculty and other employees in Jefferson County schools. If you don’t put in your opinion today, you lose your right to complain tomorrow.


Meetings are today at the Gardendale High School library:

• 2 p.m.: Certified staff

• 3:30 p.m.: Support staff

• 5:30-7 p.m.: Community