Commentary By Adam Smith

The North Jefferson News

Today, I’ve got a few topics to cover in a short amount of time, so bear with me. I’m going to be coming at you, Andy Rooney style.

Deal or no deal

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve started a new promotion at The North Jefferson News called “Deal of the Week.” The purpose of this promotion is to offer you, our readers, the chance to buy some pretty cool gift certificates at half of what you would normally pay.

We’ll be running our “Deal of the Week” teaser at the top of the front page every Wednesday, directing you to the inside page where you’ll find out what the “Deal of the Week” is. If you’d be interested in purchasing one of our really cheap gift certificates, you can do so on Friday.

What’s the catch? There’s no catch. We’re beating the bushes and pounding the pavement looking for the best businesses who provide the best services to offer to you, our readers, for a discounted price.

After all, with the stimulus package not passed yet and gasoline and food prices on the rise, we figure you could use a break.

Bowl game not so ‘super’

Ya know what makes me mad? Boring football games, especially if they’re boring Super Bowls.

The Super Bowl is supposed to be the coupe de grace of all sporting events (World Series aside) and offer as much jam-packed action as any backwoods bar fight. Sunday, I was let down, again.

Even the commercials were a huge letdown. I could blame it on the writer’s strike, but perhaps advertising writers have simply lost their sense of humor.

At least the Giants won. I hate pro football.

Did you vote?

Yesterday was Super (Fat) Tuesday all over the land. It was a glorious day that combined Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday. However, there were no hurricanes or king cake offered at the polling stations. Alcohol might have made voting for any one of our five GOP and Democratic candidates a little easier to take.

It doesn’t matter how you voted, as long as you got out there and voiced your preference.

May the best [man] win.

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