It was a little late, but the frozen precipitation has arrived at last in Jefferson County.

A band of moderate, sometimes heavy sleet and freeing rain was appearing on National Weather Service NEXRAD radar, stretching roughly along Interstate 59. The band entered northern Jefferson County at around noon, as temperatures finally fell to the freeing point.

There are numerous reports of thunder along with this band of precipitation, particularly in Morris and Pleasant Grove. Sleet is accumulating on roads in Pinson and Locust Fork. Gardendale Police report that overpasses and bridges are getting slick, and sand crews are being sent out.

The Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency is advising all travel throughout the county, and travel along the I-59 corridor is also discouraged.

Sleet and freezing rain are expected to continue until about 3 p.m.

The Gardendale Civic Center will close at 5 p.m. today, unless activated as a shelter by the Red Cross.

The Pinson City Council is still scheduled to meet in regular session tonight at 7. According to City Hall personnel, the meeting has not been called off.

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