In addition to being an all-purpose package store, Tooties, located at 925 Decatur Highway, also offers a variety of speciality beers and wines. The store can also special order items for customers.

Tootie’s, located at 925 Decatur Highway, Ste. 103 in Fultondale, is owned by Janet (Sanders) O’Bryant.

The business can be reached at 841-5571.

O’Bryant was in the banking business before she bought the business from her brother-in-law Sam Simonetti in August 2004. She had previously worked for Central Bank and the Jefferson County Employee Credit Union. Simonetti opened the business in 1991.

She grew near the Birmingham International Airport and said her whole family lived on the same street.

O’Bryant provided the following information about her business:

• How many employees do you have? “We have two employees, Kristie Hogan and my brother-in-law, Russell Drake. He’s coming from Tennessee every week to help me.” Wayne Pickle is also a tremendous asset to Tootie’s.

• What services / products do you provide? “We sell wine, mixers, beer, cigarettes and pretty much anything relating to liquor. We carry both import and domestic beer and I special order a lot of beer for customers. Certain customers have certain tastes.”

• Why should someone use your services over a competitor? “Because you get personal attention here. Plus, I would say we probably have the best beer prices than anyone else in town.”

• What’s been your greatest success as a business? “I think our biggest success is we’ve really tried to do everything we can to make the customer service as great as possible.”

• What’s the greatest joy of being the owner or manager of a business? “Probably just the independence and the fact that I get to spend time with my dad. He’s retired and he spends every day with me. Not everyone can be so lucky.”

• What are you doing to combat the current economic climate? “As far as our business declining, that hasn’t happened. The sale of higher priced items have slowed down, but the lower-end items have picked up. We’re holding our own.”

• What future plans do you have for your business? “I would love to be able to get the building next door and open a pub. I don’t know how well it would go over, but it’s something I’d like to do.”

• Is your line of work something you would recommend to someone else? “Sure. I enjoy what I do. We’ve got really great customers and when they’re not around, we notice. We know a lot of them by name. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.”

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