Vanesa Randall looks over invitation patterns at The Invitation Station, located at 219 Fieldstown Road in Gardendale. She co-owns the business with her husband, Mike.

The Invitation Station, located 219 Fieldstown Road, is owned by husband and wife Mike and Vanesa Randall.

When the couple opens their doors at 10 a.m. today, it will mark the first day of business for their new venture. Hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The business can be reached at 285-9575.

Vanesa Randall worked as a hairdresser in Jasper before working at the Paper Works Outlet in Birmingham. Her husband Mike is from Gardendale originally. The couple moved to Hayden two years ago.

The couple has five children, four grandkids and “one on the way,” said Vanesa Randall.

She shared the following information about her new business:

• What’s your business background? “I worked at Paper Works Outlet for eight years and I didn’t like going to Birmingham every day. We prayed about it and God opened the doors for this to happen.”

• How many employees do you have? “It’s just us, and my youngest son Joseph.”

• What services / products do you provide? “We’re going to have invitations, stationary, paper, envelopes and all that kind of stuff. We’re also going to hot-stamp napkins in-house for weddings and birthday parties. We’re also going to have the wedding books and we can do computer printing.”

• Why should someone use your services over a competitor? “Just the fact that we’re closer and we’re a local business, which I think is important. The service is going to be good because we’re smaller. It won’t be like you walk in and have to fight for my attention.”

• What’s the greatest joy of being the owner or manager of a business? “Just dealing with customers. I just love people. Plus, it’s going to be fun because people are excited to know they’re getting married or having a birthday party.”

• What are you doing to combat the current economic climate? “Since I sell everything in bulk, if you buy 50 or more of one product, you’ll get 10 percent off. Plus, we’ll offer 10 percent off for schools and churches.”

• What future plans do you have for your business? “I hope we’re here for a long, long time. I would love to see it grow, or we can stay small. I think it’s going to do well in Gardendale because there’s not anything else like it.”

• Is your line of work something you would recommend to someone else? “Yes. I have that creative side of me, having been a hairdresser. This would be a great job for anyone that likes to make things and is creative.”

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