A Gardendale police officer was injured slightly when his cruiser collided with another vehicle during a high-speed chase on Interstate 65 on Thursday.

Police Chief Mike Walker said that the officer was looking for a vehicle involved in an unlawful breaking and entrering a vehicle incident at Walmart, when he spotted a driver in a BMW going southbound.

“Our officer estimated that he was going about 140 miles per hour,” Walker said.

The pursuit continued southbound into Fultondale, where the officer encountered a vehicle who failed to give way. His cruiser clipped the other vehicle, and ran into a temporary Jersey barrier at the entrance of the I-22 construction zone.

The officer and the driver of the other vehicle were both transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Walker said the officer has already been released.

Meanwhile other officers continured the pursuit. Walker said the BMW driver eventually pulled over near the U.S. 31 exit.

That suspect had no connection with the Walmart break-in.

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