Scott Beason

Scott Beason hosts a daily talk show on local radio station.

Look out, Rush Limbaugh — maybe.

One of Alabama’s best-known conservative political figures is now on the airwaves with a daily radio talk show.

Scott Beason, who spent 16 years representing Gardendale and surrounding cities in both chambers of the Alabama Legislature, is hosting “Yellowhammer Radio,” a two-hour call-in show on WYDE-FM 101.1.

The show is much like a typical political talk show, the kind that Limbaugh has dominated nationally for more than a quarter century. Now “El Rushbo” is direct competition for the legislator-turned-radio host.

Beason’s show has a decidedly Alabama flair, from his distinctively Southern voice — “Hey, brother!” is a typical greeting — to frequent references to college football. And his new show has already attracted calls from voices that talk-radio fans will recognize from other local shows, such as the distinctive Charles Allen Head of Bessemer.

He’s even got his own catch phrases, such as always calling the White House the “Rainbow House,” in reference to President Obama changing the exterior lights to many colors when same-sex marriage was legalized.

The self-described “recovering politician” said that what he’s doing on the airwaves isn’t too different from what he did during town meetings when he represented the area for eight years in the Alabama House, and eight more in the Senate.

“I always took questions from folks at the end my meetings or when I would give speeches, after I was done,” Beason said. “Then you combine that with what I call, ‘Hey, Lori,’ when I would read a news article and say [to his wife], ‘Lori!’ And she would say, ‘That’s the 50th thing you’ve said that about.’ Now I get to tell everyone else about them, too.”

On this particular day, Beason is having fun on the day before New Year’s Eve, which he dubbed New Year’s Adam.

He was also keeping track of Auburn’s bowl game with Memphis, and making a startling declaration for an avid Alabama fan: “I’m actually rooting for Auburn today!”

Beason took over for Cliff Sims, the show’s creator and the proprietor of Yellowhammer News, a popular news website with a conservative bent. Sims began the show in early 2015, with Beason filling in on occasion as a guest host, as he has done for a handful of other radio hosts in metro Birmingham since he left office following an unsuccessful run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sims dealt with health issues last year, and Beason took over the microphone. Sims has since recuperated, and usually joins Beason for the second hour of the show.

“Scott was the only one I knew who had the credibility to do it, knew what he was talking about enough to do it and didn’t have anything else to do,” Sims joked.

Beason said that listener numbers have picked up over the past few weeks, as people find out that the outspoken conservative has found a home on the airwaves.

“A lot of people just don’t know we’re here yet,” he said.

The radio gig isn’t Beason’s only job. Beason is also a senior policy analyst for the Alabama Free Market Alliance, a conservative think tank, and also does consulting work for various political and business clients.

But for now, the former politician is having fun on the airwaves.

Yellowhammer Radio is heard Mondays through Fridays from 11:05 a.m. to 1 p.m. on “Superstation 101,” immediately following another new show hosted by former Birmingham television news anchor Andrea Lindenberg.

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