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November 7, 2013

Breaking Away: Debate over property-tax vote migrates from face-to-face to Facebook



As of midday Tuesday, a little more than 48 hours after Douglas started the conversation, more than 600 comments had been posted.

Among those joining the fray were Phillips, councilman Blake Guinn, businessman Dennis Gamble (who’s allied with Cantrell against the tax), supporter David Crockett and a host of others.

Pamela Honeycutt, who supports the tax, posted: “This is about education and I want the best for my grandson and all the other children in Gardendale. I would vote yes if my grandson didn’t go to Gardendale. I also think it will help our property value. Gardendale needs to jump into the current century.”

But Gardendale resident and tax opponent Thomas Bills responded, “Political games being played. They are telling citizens it is only to cost about $300 a year in extra property taxes…. Tax the businesses and commercial property owners in Gardendale, what are they going to do? Raise prices on all goods sold to the bottom feeder consumers, you and me.”

The discussion started by Douglas is just one of dozens that have taken place on Facebook in the past couple of weeks.

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