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January 23, 2014

'Unknown factor" is the hardest thing for Marine Brandon James



Lindsey, who stayed at Camp Lejeune during the deployment, said Brandon’s homecoming was also easy for her.

“It was a pretty good transition,” she said. “We just went back to the way things were before he left.”

The deployment has made Brandon view many things in a different way, including Americans’ attitude toward the war and the military. He senses an apathy in the general public, especially since the war has gone on for 10 years.

He mentioned the thousands of military personnel serving overseas, in all branches of service.

“Everyone is a brother and sister. We are doing one thing, and one thing only,” he said. “We’re serving the American people and making the country safe. Every luxury we don’t have, you do. We do it not out of selfishness, we do it out of a love for our country, for our families, for our faith. That’s the reasons we do it.”

He also said American military personnel really appreciate it when strangers send care packages or cards.

“We appreciate everything. We’re like, ‘They still care,’” he said. “It makes a difference, it really does. And you have no idea what a card from a first-grader can mean. It makes you feel like a superhero. I know the teacher made them do it, but for a second, they cared. For a second, you’re not in the sand or wind or heat, you’re with that kid.”

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