North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

October 19, 2012

Morris mini market this weekend

By Melanie Patterson
North Jefferson News

MORRIS — A group of business people have joined forces to host a mini market in Morris this weekend.

A dozen home-based business owners will have booths at the Morris Senior Center Saturday starting at 8 a.m. to display their wares, which include photography, Mary Kay cosmetics, hand bags, catering, jewelry and more.

Amy Peacock, who will be selling Tupperware at the market, said there were even more business owners interested in participating, but the senior center would accumulate only 12 booths.

“We would like to do  it again, but we would need a larger building,” she said.

Peacock and Misty Wise-Wood are the driving forces behind the first market of its kind in Morris.

“I had been really praying about my business,” said Wise-Wood. “I decided after a lot of prayer that there are a lot of other women in my position that have home-based businesses. We needed to join forces.”

Wise-Wood posted on Facebook to gauge the interest in the area, and was pleasantly surprised to get a huge positive response. She said Tuesday she was still getting calls from business owners who wanted to participate, but the senior center simply has no room for more vendors.

“The economy is tough right now and we stay-at-home moms need to offset our husbands’ work,” Wise-Wood said. “I found some ladies who are truly like me. They want to expand their businesses and they are doing it on faith.”

Wise-Wood’s business is Thirty-One, which sells tote bags, thermal lunch bags and similar items.

Through organizing the mini market, Wise-Wood has made business and personal connections.

“I have experienced such joy with the ladies I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with,” she said. “I guess that’s why I’m looking forward to this weekend so much. I know God will let us achieve our goals.”

Wise-Wood’s daughter Kady, who is 8, will also have a booth at the mini market selling baked goods under the name of Kady’s Confections. She lives in Hayden with her husband Barry, son Christian, 16, and Kady.

At the market, gifts will be given to the first 120 shoppers with a coupon.

There will also be door prizes given throughout the day, and a silent auction. All of Wise-Wood’s proceeds from the auction will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research.