North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

November 6, 2012

Obama wins re-election to presidency

By Robert Carter
North Jefferson News

— President Barack Obama has won re-election to a second term, thanks to a narrow win in the fiercely-contested battleground state of Ohio.

The state was called for Obama at 10:15 p.m. by most major news media, which put Obama over the 270 votes needed in the Electoral College. Republican nominee Mitt Romney's campaign was disputing the projection in Ohio saying the results were still inconclusive.

Obama carries the Northeast, as expected, as well as the West Coast. Romney, on the other hand, swept the South. He easily won Alabama, a projection that was called shortly after polls closed at 7 p.m.

Democrats appeared to have gained two seats in the U.S. Senate, but Republicans still retain firm control of the House of Representatives.

Here in Alabama all races went as expected. Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was given back the seat from which he had been removed, defeating Democrat Robert Vance. All seven U.S. Representatives were re-lected, including Spencer Bachus of the Sixth District.

The closest local election, though, was not for a person but a law. In Blount County, more than 22,000 voters voted on whether or not to legalize alcohol sales. With 26 out of 28 precincts reporting, "no" voters had a 162-vote lead.