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April 30, 2013

Two years later, Fultondale continues recovery from tornadoes



Aldrich said he thinks the city has recovered well from the storm, although scars remain on the landscape.

Six businesses were severely damaged and have not built back. In addition, about 40 houses were condemned and torn down due to extensive storm damage.

On the south end of the city, one hotel is close to reopening, while another is still largely in ruins.

The storm recovery had a $2 million price tag, but FEMA and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency reimbursed Fultondale for all but $100,000 spent on recovery efforts.

“We’re blessed that no lives were lost, and there were no serious injuries,” said Lowery. “However, we do realize people have gone through hardships. We’ve made a  turn now after two years.”

Lowery said that everyone who was displaced by the storm has either rebuilt their homes or relocated.

That includes the Hawkins B. Carter American Legion Post 255, which just this month opened a new post on New Castle Road after the storm destroyed the former building beyond by repair.

“We have finished cleanup in the Glendale area, and have finished 99 percent of the cleanup in the business district,” Lowery said. All but a handful of the houses destroyed was in the Glendale neighborhood.

“After two years, we’re moving forward,” he said.

Recently, the city council placed a moratorium on any new building at Glendale while it considers rezoning the area, which sits just behind the Promenade Shopping Center that opened in 2007.

The area is currently zoned for multi-family houses. The council is proposing to rezone it as a commercial area.

“We think it would be better suited for that community,” Lowery said. “When people sell, they can perhaps have more return on their home.”

But he was careful to say that residents of the neighborhood would still be able to live there.

“They can stay there as long as they want,” Lowery said. “But if they sell their property, it could become commercial. It will be good for that area in time.”

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