North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

February 26, 2013

Terry Greer's condition unknown; attorney can't comment due to "pending court proceedings"

By Robert Carter
North Jefferson News

GARDENDALE — The health and criminal-case status of the Rev. Dr. Terry Greer is a bit of a mystery, thanks to what amounts to a gag order on attorneys involved in the case.

Greer, the former pastor of Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church who is accused of murdering his wife and attempting to murder his daughter, remains confined to the Spain-Wallace Rehabilitation center at UAB. He was moved there on Feb. 12, after being in intensive care following the January 10 shooting at the church parsonage.

Greer continues to recover from stab wounds that police believe to be self-inflicted, from an attempt to kill himself after the shooting. Police say Greer tried to stab himself after his daughter wrestled away the gun used to shoot herself and her mother.

Henry Lagman, Greer’s attorney, stopped posting updates on his website about Greer’s health last Friday. Lagman cited “the nature of pending court proceedings” as the reason for stopping updates.

Lagman said in an interview Tuesday that he could not comment on the case at all, including whether any proceedings have taken place or that a gag order was in effect. However, a source with knowledge of the case told The North Jefferson News that a court proceeding involving Greer was scheduled for last Friday. The proceeding was not open to the public or the press. That source asked not to be identified because he was not in a position to comment officially.

In Lagman’s last posts regarding Greer’s health on Feb. 17 and 20, he said that Greer had been placed on a permanent catheter, but continued to have “stomach and pain problems.” Greer was receiving physical therapy, and was just beginning to have psychological issues addressed, Lagman wrote.