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January 29, 2013

NJN/am for Tuesday, January 29

Hello, Tuesday…

Weather: Severe storms on the way. Today will be the warmest day of the year so far, with highs around 74 and nighttime lows in the lower 60s. But Wednesday takes a turn for the worse, as a line of thunderstorms moves in very early in the morning, and many of those storms may become severe with strong straight-line winds and heavy rain. Isolated tornadoes are possible, but unlikely. Temperatures will start in the 60s and fall throughout the day.

Looking for clues. Police, prosecutors and defense attorneys went through the parsonage of Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church on Monday, trying to find anything they could that might tell them what led to a shooting incident that resulted in the death of Lisa Greer, wife of pastor Dr. Terry Greer. Henry Lagman, the attorney who will defend Dr. Greer against charges of murder and attempted murder, said that they found some things that may give some clues. Lagman said Dr. Greer was still in critical condition at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, now diagnosed with pneumonia brought on by his self-inflicted stab wounds. Lagman added that this case has, for him, “turned Christianity upside down.”

Another emu on the loose. Remember that emu that was roaming neighborhoods in the south end of Gardendale last week? Well, her mate is still out there somewhere, and he is apparently somewhat cranky. The pair of large, flightless birds escaped from their owner near New Castle, and the male bird was spotted near Morris on Monday. If you see the bird, don’t try to go near it — emus are large enough to injure if provoked. Instead, call your local police.

Back to work — all week long. Some welcome news has come for city workers in Kimberly. Mayor Bob Ellerbrock announced during the Kimberly City Council meeting that workers will go back to a full 40-hour work week beginning Feb. 1. Workers had been cut back to 32 hours last March as the city faced money problems. Ellerbrock and council members will also get their monthly stipends again.

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