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March 8, 2013

NJN/am for Friday, March 8

It’s Friday, let’s celebrate…

Weather: Better. It finally starts to feel like spring today, with sunny skies and highs in the lower 60s. Nighttime lows will be around 40. The weekend looks much the same, but a little warmer each day; we could hit 70 on Sunday. Rain moves back in Sunday night.

All that for one word: no. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, filibustered on the Senate floor for almost 13 hours on Wednesday, all because the Obama Administration would not conclusively say that it would not attack American citizens not engaged in combat or terrorism on U.S. soil with unmanned drones. On Thursday, Paul finally got the answer he wanted from Attorney General Eric Holder, in the form of a tersely-worded letter which stated that the administration would not perform such attacks. Paul, when shown the letter during a television interview, had a similarly succinct response: “Hooray!”

Chavez corpse to remain on display. The socialist, anti-American president of Venezuela, who died from cancer Tuesday, will have his remains permanently displayed much like former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. Chavez’s state funeral will be held today in Caracas. Meanwhile, controversy is surrounding the oil company Citgo, which flew its American flag outside its Houston headquarters at half-staff in honor of Chavez. Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government.

Can we move along here? Republican legislators in Montgomery have filed a motion with the Alabama Supreme Court to expedite hearings over a restraining order that keeps Gov. Robert Bentley from signing the Alabama Accountability Act into law. The Alabama Education Association got a lower court to issue the original order because it believes GOP lawmakers violated legislative rules and state law in making massive changes to the original school-flexibility bill. The Supreme Court will hear the case Monday.

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