North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

February 27, 2013

City of Warrior helps strangers in need

By Robert Carter
North Jefferson News

WARRIOR — How thankful is Alonzo Newhouse to the residents of Warrior?

“I want to move there! They were so nice to us.”

Newhouse and his family saw the generosity of the townspeople firsthand last month, when his car broke down on the way from Dallas, Texas, to Huntsville, where he was going to pick up his stepdaughter from Oakwood University.

The car’s timing belt broke, a very expensive part to repair. Newhouse used to work for a beverage company in Texas, but was injured in a wreck and is in the process of applying for disability. He didn’t have the money to fix the car, or a place to stay while it was repaired.

That’s where the city stepped in.

“We housed them down in the community center,” City Councilman James Jett said. “The fire department brought a couple of mattresses down and they put them on the floor to sleep on, then [Mayor Johnny] Ragland got some blankets.”

Jack’s Restaurant fed Newhouse and his wife, even allowing for her vegetarian diet. The couple ate with senior citizens having lunch at the center the next day.

Meanwhile, M&M Motors went to work on the car. A local resident who asked to remain anonymous paid for the repairs.

“They were tickled to death,” Jett said. “But this is just the image [of our town] we want to project.”

The generosity made quite an impression on the Newhouses.

“I can’t believe those folks. They didn’t know us from anybody, and they were so very nice,” Newhouse said.