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April 14, 2014

NJN/am for Monday, April 14

It's Monday, and a yucky one at that...

Weather: Double whammy. We'll get hit today with not one, but two line of storms today. If you are reading this in the early morning hours, you are seeing the first line move through with heavy rain and gusty winds, with some storms just below severe limits. That line will move out of the area by lunchtime. Another line comes through this evening, and it's strength will be determined largely by how much time the sun has to warm up the atmosphere this afternoon. If the sun warms things up, that will destabilize the atmosphere and give us the chance for severe weather in the second line of storms. In either event, a flash flood watch is in effect until 1 p.m. Tuesday, as the heavy rain will be falling over ground that is still pretty much saturated from last week's rain. Highs today will reach the lower 70s, with lows tonight in the lower 40s. Rain will finally clear out by Tuesday afternoon and it will turn much cooler, with highs in the lower 50s. We could even see some frost overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Court action delayed for accused killer. Charles Jordan, the Birmingham man charged with killing Patricia McCain of Morris, had his preliminary hearing delayed Friday. Judge Shelley Watkins set a new hearing for May 2 in order to give Jordan a chance to hire a lawyer. Jordan was arrested last week, charged with killing McCain and then stuffing her dead body into a plastic container, where it was discovered sitting beside a dumpster outside Jordan's apartment building.

Sagebrush standoff ends. A dispute between a longtime cattle rancher in Nevada and the federal Bureau of Land Management escalated into an armed standoff over the weekend, then ended when federal agents feared the conflict would escalate dangerously. Rancher Cliven Bundy and his family had grazed cattle on BLM land north of Las Vegas for two decades, but the federal agency had declared the cattle were trespassing and confiscated many in a roundup. The action attracted a large number of protesters who complained of overbearing government; many of the protesters were armed. The federal agents stood down and returned Bundy's cattle on Sunday.

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