North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

April 17, 2013

Kimberly council, former mayor at odds with developer

By Robert Carter
North Jefferson News

KIMBERLY — Former Kimberly Mayor Ralph Lindsey has had enough of waiting for a local developer to finish work on streets in the Liberty Crossings subdivision.

“The excuse that the city doesn’t have the money to go [after him] doesn’t cut it,” Lindsey told the Kimberly City Council in regular session last Tuesday, as he spoke to complain about developer Clint Singletary.

The council has addressed the issue of unfinished work by Singletary on multiple occasions going back to 2011. Several times, he was scheduled to address the issues before the council but failed to appear, despite threats by two different mayors to call in performance bonds to pay for having the work done.

Councilman Lance Shivers said that the city had looked at calling in the bonds in the past, but did not do so because the proceeds would not be enough to do the work required. The issue is in large part why Shivers ended up running for the council. “If there’s a solution, then I’m all for it,” Shivers said.

“The solution is to call in the bonds and sue him [Singletary] for the rest,” Lindsey replied.

In other business, the council voted  to purchase a new master-key system for fire and rescue trucks, which would secure the “Knox Box” keys used to gain emergency access to schools and some businesses.