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December 31, 2012

NJN/am for Monday, December 31

Hello, New Year's Eve, let's all watch the big lighted ball fall over the fiscal cliff...

Weather: Dreary. Showers move into the area tonight, and linger through New Year's Day, which won't mean much if you're huddles in front of the television watching football bowl games. Highs today will reach the middle 50s, with lows tonight in the upper 40s. The rain clears out by midnight Tuesday, and temperatures drop into the upper 30s.

Cliffhanger. The talks over the so-called "fiscal cliff" continue in Washington today, as Congress and President Obama face down a deadline of midnight before mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts take effect. As the lunch hour passes, The Washington Post reports that negotiations between Vice President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., seem to have finalized the annual income figure where tax hikes would kick in — $450,000 for couples, $400,000 for individuals — but the two sides are still far apart on spending cuts. Obama originally wanted that income figure to be $250,000 for couples, while GOP leaders in the House either wanted $1 million, or wanted the tax cuts President Bush pushed through to remain in place for all taxpayers regardless of income. Meanwhile, Congress has apparently averted the "dairy cliff," as they agree to extend a farm bill that would continue subsidies for milk producers. The one-year extension means that milk prices will not double, as was feared if the existing bill was allowed to expire.

Clinton hospitalized. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital to be treated for a blood clot, the latest in a series of medical setbacks that the former First Lady and New York Senator has had in recent weeks. The clot is believed to have occurred due to a concussion she suffered after all fall she took in a fainting incident, the later coming as a result of influenza. Clinton has announced plans to step down from her Cabinet post, with Se. John Kerry, D-Mass., chosen by the president as her replacement.

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