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June 22, 2013

Fultondale school officials meet with sixth-grade parents about transition



Among those attending were Shanna and Todd Fowler, whose son Bryson will enter the sixth grade this year.

"There's some apprehensive thoughts that we had, but I think she [Robinson] has some really good ideas on how to keep them segregated. "We have a child going into eighth grade here as well, and he definitely doesn't want to see his little brother," Shanna Fowler joked. "I think it's going to go in the right direction, but it's going to take some time and the cooperation of the parents."

The meeting was set up after the Jefferson County Board of Education voted last Tuesday to move the sixth grade classes to the high school from Fultondale Elementary, which suffers from severe overcrowding. Four classes with roughly 100 students are expected to make the move beginning in August.

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