North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

July 29, 2013

Progress 2013: Brookside has big offerings for visitors

By Morgan Turberville
North Jefferson News

BROOKSIDE — Brookside continues to offer many inviting activities for its residents and even to travelers from around the world.

Its most notable offering is the Five Mile Creek Canoe Company and campground that can be found filled with people on the weekends during the summer months. Both have become extremely popular and as Mayor Roger McCondichie has phrased it, booking for the city’s recreational areas is “wide open.”

With the success of the canoe company and campground comes an increase of traffic into the town. McCondichie says there have been many visitors from various countries that have visited the local attractions in town.

The canoe company offers many options for the outdoor enthusiast and is a local attraction that can offer something to those who don’t want to go far for an outdoor adventure.

McCondichie also said that swimming at Horseshoe Bend has also been a very popular excursion for many in the Brookside area.

Another activity that is offered in Brookside includes the St. Nicholas Russian-Slavic Food Festival that is held in November at the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church.

The festival highlights a deep history in the town of Brookside, dating back to the late 19th century when Slavic immigrants came to Brookside and founded the Parish.

In addition to the Russian/Slavic history that the festival provides, the Burrell-Country House has been renovated to house a history museum for the town of Brookside. It is located at the Brookside Municipal Complex.

Brookside also offers a community center for its residents. It is available to rent for a variety of purposes.

For a small town, there is a lot of character in Brookside and there is a lot offered for its residents.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Brookside’s website says it is “reinventing itself as a recreation destination,” and it is offering plenty for those with cultural interests as well.