North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

December 2, 2013

Local authors release new books

By Melanie Patterson
North Jefferson News

NORTH JEFFERSON — Two local authors have newly-released books: One a Christian “personal growth” book by a man who recovered spiritually after having an affair, and the other a fiction “modern-day western” where a former Marine is suddenly tasked with running a 300,000-thousand-acre family ranch after his father dies.

The first book, “I Slept with Potiphar’s Wife” by Bobby Sutton of Gardendale, details Sutton’s depression, divorce, career change and, finally, his spiritual healing, after he had an affair while he was still pastor of a church.

Potiphar's wife is the woman in Genesis 39 who tries to get Joseph to go to bed with her while Joseph is a trusted servant in Egypt.

Joseph did not do it; he “fled and maintained his relationship with God,” Sutton wrote in the first chapter. “I did not. When I met the temptation I did not flee and I did not maintain my relationship with God.”

The incident shattered Sutton’s life for a while, along with his family. He wrote that it also disrupted the lives of those who attended his church as well as many others’ lives.

Sutton, former of Baton Rouge, La., had been married for 28 years when he had the affair; eight years later he and his wife were divorced.

However, he is now remarried and living in Gardendale.

“I’m trying to help other people by what I’ve gone through,” Sutton said. “They can be restored no matter how far they feel like they’ve gotten away from God. People don’t have to live under a cloud of condemnation.”

Sutton added that anybody can have a “Potiphar’s wife.”

“It does not have to be an affair,” he said. “After they’re born again, it can be something that is hidden but haunts them through life. Anytime they feel like they want be used of God, but it creeps up on them.”

The book is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC. The official release date is Jan. 14, but the paperback is available at for $9.99.

Sutton, who is involved with High Country Ministries, said he and his wife Darlene are willing to coach people in such situations.

For more information, reach them at (928) 707-0473 or at

“The Returning”

Bobbie Burgett, 79, of Hanceville, formerly of Mt. Olive, has finished the final book of a trilogy.

“The Returning” is the story of U.S. Marine Cpt. Matthew Dale Thompson, who was born on a 300,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. His decision to join the military but a barrier between him and his father; they often went years without talking.

However, Thompson’s father got sick, and he was unable to get home before his father died. He was shocked to learn he had inherited a 137-year-old ranch that had been handed down in his family for generations. He had chosen the Marines over helping his father with the ranch, but the responsibility was now his.

Burgett is pleased that the series has gone over so well. The first book in the trilogy was “From Heartaches to Happiness” and the second was “Hands of Deceit.”

“I never really expected to get published, to tell you the truth,” she said with a laugh. She began writing after retiring at age 62 from her own business of hand-making bedspreads and drapes.

She and her husband of 30 years, Wayne Burgett, moved to Hanceville 10 years ago after living in Mt. Olive 47 years.

The two were long-time members of Mt. Olive First Baptist Church, where Bobbie Burgett taught Sunday school for many years.

Burgett has also written two more books, but they are not yet published. The next one to be published is also a western, but features a different family and is set in Arizona.

All three books in the current series are available at local bookstores, at or from Burgett. She can be reached at