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December 27, 2012

Pastor challenges mainstream ideas

CORNER — Many — if not most — people are reading the Bible through the wrong lens.

That is according to Roger Snow, pastor of Empire Baptist Church for almost 22 years.

Through a written work called “Date-Setting Revelation 4/5,” Snow argues that one can set a date to the events described in the fourth and fifth chapters of Revelation.

“If you read through (“Date-Setting”) and understand, you will get a stake to drive into the ground and understand Revelation better, and put a date on this passage of scripture,” Snow said. “People think I’m putting a date on the end of the world, but I’m not.”

Snow said understanding those chapters in Revelation will in turn help people get a better handle on the New Testament as a whole.

“If you start out with the wrong paradigm, you will end up with the wrong result,” Snow said.

He added that his teaching is often “in disagreement with what people have heard all their lives,” and thus, not all people appreciate his views.

But he does not seem distressed by that fact; in fact, he is expanding his work.

“Date-Setting Revelation 4/5” is one chapter of a larger work that is still in progress.

The overall project is called “Shaking Heaven and Earth: A Better Gospel Paradigm.”

Through it, Snow plans to challenge many “givens” in today’s society that he believes are wrong. One is that the world is getting worse every day; Snow says that is not true. Another is that Jesus “came as a lamb, but he will return as a lion.” Snow counters that while he was on earth, Jesus lived his life as a lion and acted as a lamb only during his crucifixion.

There is no projected date for the completion of “Shaking Heaven and Earth,” but “Date-Setting Revelation 4/5” is available now for Kindle e-book readers.

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