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January 2, 2014

Want to commit to a specialty Alabama license plate? Now you can do it online

Drivers who want to “pre-commit” to a specialty Alabama license plate may now do so through the Internet.

In the past, those who wanted to sign up for so-called distinctive license plates designs — those which show support for a good cause, a college sports program or even a NASCAR driver — had to go to their local license plate office. In Jefferson County, that can often mean waiting in line for several hours.

But now, a pre-sale commitment made be made through the Department of Revenue’s website. From that point, click on “License Plate Information,” then “Commitment to Purchase” to see the different categories.

“No longer will owners, who want to support an organization’s efforts to acquire the necessary number of pre-sale license plate commitments before the organization’s license plate can be manufactured, have to visit their county licensing plate issuing officials’ offices to do so. Vehicle owners will now be able to use their computers to purchase the license plate pre-commitments at their convenience — on any day of the week and at any time,” explained State Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee in a press statement.

Specialty plates, sometimes called affinity plates, are only issued if there are enough users committed to purchase a particular design before it is manufactured. There are two categories of plates, one for pre-sale commitments of more than 250 plates a year, and another for more than 1,000.

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