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December 17, 2013

Mt. Olive Fire and Rescue District board isn't taking sides on annexation, for now



The fire board did approve a retainer for the law firm of Ward Wilson to advise trustees on all of the various legal actions that may be a part of this process. Sloan said it’s the first time their board had ever had to put a law firm on a formal retainer.

Sloan said that the fire district’s trustees would communicate with those in the district by letter when they knew something more.

“Just don’t send it by bulk mail,” one resident joked, a reference to the county schools’ mailer to voters in Gardendale regarding their referendum for a property tax increase to fund the new system. The mailer, which spelled out the county system’s opposition to the breakaway, was sent by bulk mail instead of first class and did not get to most voters before the referendum was held.

In the meantime, the trustee board of the Mt. Olive Fire District is asking the opposing sides in the annexation issue to play nice.

“The Board asks the residents of Mt. Olive to be patient and give us the time we need to make good decisions,” Sloan’s statement concluded. “We also ask the different groups to be kind and considerate of those with opposing points of view. Believing and hoping that in the end the community of Mt. Olive will emerge from all of this, united in our resolve to make Mt. Olive a better place to live and raise our children.”

[Edited at 12:12 a.m. to correct the timeline of selection of members for the new Gardendale school board.]

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