North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

August 9, 2012

Progress 2012: Warrior a growing city, outgoing mayor says

By Nathan Prewett
North Jefferson News


Warrior mayor Rena Hudson is confident that the city will continue to grow after her term is over in October this year.  

After two stints as mayor of Warrior (1984-2000 and 2000-now) Hudson has noted that the city has changed over the years. One change, she said, is that revenue has increased in the last year and a half. 

Another change is that parts of Warrior are being improved, including a renewing of the chamber of commerce and the implemention of the downtown revitalization plan. 

“It’ll grow,” Hudson said on where she sees Warrior in the future. “It’s my understanding from talking with some of those that are running for the office that the downtown revitalization will be a top priority. And it’s going to take a lot of work, but it can be done because the city of Warrior has a lot to offer, even though we’re a small municipality.” 

Hudson and the city council have also worked on moving the public library to a larger building. The staff of the Warrior-Evelyn Thornton Public Library, with help from the city, plans to move into the former National Guard armory building located not far from the library’s current location. The move should begin when renovations to the armory building are completed. 

As a regional library, Hudson said that it should draw people from all around the north Jefferson area. In addition to a larger selection of books, more computers will be available in the new building.  

She is also working on a sidewalk project for U.S. Hwy. 31. This project is not new, but has been in development for several years. Hudson hopes to bring it underway in a few months.  

One of the accomplishments of the city is its fire department, which has an ISO (Insurance Service Organization) rating of two. The lower the ISO rating, the lower residents pay for homeowners insurance. Hudson said it is one of the very few stations in the state with such a rating. The fire station is made up of both volunteers and those who are part-time paid. It is led by Clay Neely. 

Hudson said that the recent anti-smoking ordinance has gone well so far, with no complaints being registered.