North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL


September 9, 2011

Job helps develop people skills

On the Job

FULTONDALE — The best thing about Kelsey Lyvers’ job is the stuff she gets to bring home.

Lyvers works part-time as a sales associate at Bath and Body Works in Fultondale while she goes to school at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville to study nursing.

Her job duties aren’t surprising — every day that she works, she’s greeted by the manager with a “chat-it-in,” which briefly brings her up to speed on what products are on sale, how busy the store is in and what tasks she has to perform during her shift. Then she gets to work helping customers find what they need.

“About 20 percent really know what they want, and the rest usually need help finding something,” she said. For that reason, it’s important for Lyvers to know her product, and the company often lets its employees sample product for free, and customers often ask her if she’s tried a particular item in the store.

“I do shop here. I always have my little pile in the back that slowly grows over the day,” she said. “I like the smells here. It’s always changing; sometimes there’s oil burning. I like to go around while I’m working and smell things.”

She said one of the challenging things about her job is trying to connect with people.

“I’ve always been friendly, but sometimes I have trouble being outgoing,” she said. “But having the job is helping me get over that.”

Another challenging time is holidays, when the store traffic increases dramatically with gift-buyers.

“It’s hectic, but it’s not stressful. It’s a fun job. During the holidays we meet people from out of town,” she said.

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